About Heather

I offer professional help with feline behavioral


In addition to my years of personal, and now over 15 years of 

professional experience, I 've studied feline behavior at the

Animal Behavior Institute and am a Certified Feline Behavior & Training



During my 15 years as a cat sitter I’ve dealt with pretty much every

situation you could imagine. Sometimes cats and their guardians

struggle with behavioral problems, which can be stressful for both

parties. In many cases, the cat’s behavior is mistakenly assumed to be

vindictive or angry and the bond with its guardian is damaged. As much

as we like to imagine our own human emotions in our cats, this simply

isn’t the case. Something has gone wrong in the cat’s world, and these

behaviors are the cat’s natural reaction.


It gives me great personal fulfillment to see a cat and their owner both realize a massive sense of relief when these issues are resolved. I adore cats and want to see them as happy as they can be. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to watch a cat and its owner struggle to figure things out, and I know firsthand how hard this struggle can be. 

After watching some of my clients re-home or euthanize their cats because of a  behavioral problem,  I decided to enroll in the Feline Behavior and Training program at the Animal Behavior Institute. I never want to see another cat needlessly lose its home or its life. There is no magic wand to quickly fix a behavioral problem, but if you're willing to put in the work, I can give you the evidence-based, real-world tools to solve or manage the problem. You and your cats deserve to be happy.  

I look forward to hearing from you

Heather Alvey

Certified Feline Behavior

& Training Specialist.

Heather, certified feline behavior therapist
Heather is a professional cat trainer and cat behavior expert.