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"My 4 year old cat, Sapphire, was a very stressed out cat ever since she was a kitten. We have been dealing with her inappropriate urinating and spraying for years, trying different things we found online to clean it and try to stop her with no luck. We were getting new carpet in the house and didn't want her urinating on it. That's when I found Felidae Behavior online and talked to Heather about what has been going on. She came out to our house and discussed with us about Sapphire's behavior and gave us a ton of tips on what we could do. Since getting new carpet and implementing Heather's advice, we have not had any problems with inappropriate marking/urinating. And she is even getting more brave about being around the dog and is no longer hiding when he is in the house. I highly recommend Felidae Behavior and I will definitely be contacting her again when it comes to any other issues we may run into in the future!" Tanya B, Rockford

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