Behavioral Services

Heather Alvey is a certified cat trainer and can teach you to train cats too!
Heather Alvey training a cat to teach it new behavior

                            Behavioral Challenges: Managing Ongoing Issues


 If your cat is already displaying behavioral problems, don’t give up!  I can

  help with these, too. It’s very challenging for both you  and your cat, but

  there are things we can do to make the situation better for everyone. I can

  help you with behavioral challenges such as:

  • Over-grooming

  • Excessive vocalizations

  • Furniture scratching

  • Elimination in inappropriate areas

  • Aggression: Intercat and towards humans


This package includes: A 1-2 hour virtual meeting, personalized action plan,

60 days of support via email, and one 30min virtual or phone check-in.


           Kitten Kindergarten: Setting You and Your Kitten up For Success

 A new kitten is about as fun as it gets; everybody loves playing with

 kittens! More than most people realize, this early part of a cat’s life plays

 a crucial role in later development. If a kitten is not socialized properly, it

 could lead to behavioral problems down the road. You will learn exactly what

 to do and what not to do with kittens so they end up being happy, well adjusted,

 loving cats who will enjoy your company for the rest of their lives.


This package includes: Four one-hour virtual meetings an intro to clicker

training, skills checklist, and 30 days of support via email.


            Clicker Training: Managing Your Ongoing Relationship with Your Cat

 Clicker training is an incredibly effective tool that can help with some

 of the problems listed above. While it can also be extremely entertaining

 to teach your cat how to “High Five,” there’s a more serious and more

 rewarding aspect to the training. You will learn methods and the

 behavioral science behind them, so that you, in turn, can confidently

 use clicker training with your cat.


This package includes: Clicker; three virtual private lessons;  written

training instructions,  and 30 days of support via email after the last lesson.




Additional Home Services are available for those households with multiple

     behavior issues, aggression, or anyone that would like additional support.

  • Additional virtual meetings: $80/hr

  • One 30 min phone call: $35

  • One month of additional email support: $80

  • Repeat offender rate: $210

Heather can train your cats to get long well.
Heather Alvey harness training a cat. Heather is a certified cat trainer.