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Science-based solutions for your cat's behavior problems.


My name is Heather Alvey and I'm a Certified Cat Behavior & Training Consultant.

About Heather

I was a professional cat sitter in the Minneapolis metro area for 18 years. After watching some of my cat sitting clients rehome or euthanize their cats because of behavioral problems, I decided to learn more about feline behavior and get certified so I could help cats before their guardians gave up on them.  I never want to see another cat needlessly lose its home or its life.


Since became a certified cat behavior consultant in 2018, I've helped hundreds of cats and their people solve all kinds of issues through virtual consultations, all over the United States. 

I know there is a way to resolve or manage many of the problems you may be experiencing with your cat. Things like eliminating outside the box, spraying, intercat aggression, biting,  excessive meowing, overgrooming, scratching furniture, and human-directed aggression are all behavior issues that I can help with,  I am confident that with my insight, positive reinforcement techniques, environmental enrichment, and your help, we can work on a solution to whatever is going on.


You and your cats deserve to be happy.  Read more about what I can help you with on my Services page and learn more about me and why I do this on my About Me page.   If you're ready to get started, contact me now at


Heather Alvey

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