Hello, my name is Heather Alvey and I'm a Certified Feline Behavior & Training Consultant.

I've been a professional cat sitter in the Minneapolis metro area for the last 17 years. After watching some of my cat sitting clients re-home or euthanize their cats because of behavioral problems, I decided to become a feline behavior specialist so I could help cats before their guardians gave up on them.  I never want to see another cat needlessly lose its home or its life. I know there is a way to resolve or manage many of the problems you may be experiencing with your cat. Things like peeing outside the box, spraying, inter-cat aggression, biting, fighting,  excessive meowing, overgrooming, and scratching furniture or people are all behavior issues that I can help with,  I am confident that with my insight, positive reinforcement techniques, environmental enrichment, and your help, we can work on a solution to whatever is going on. You and your cats deserve to be happy.  Read more about what I can help you with on my Services page and learn more about me and why I do this on my About page. 


Heather Alvey

Certified Feline Behavior & Training Consultant.

cat clicker training, train your cat with Heather Alvey's professional help. Heather is a certified feline behaivior specialist.
Impy showing off a few of the tricks he has learned. Watch as he executes actions such as: Sit, high five, paw, touch it, look at me, and the favorite, kisses!
One of Impy's favorite kinds of enrichment is a box of grass. Watch his reaction as he sees it for the very first time!