We contacted Heather because our two cats started regularly going to the bathroom outside their litter boxes and we had no idea why as they had been using the same boxes for a couple of years.   Upon Heather's recommendation, we took them to the vet first to rule out any physical health reasons for this behavior.   Once we established that the cats were in fact healthy, we knew we would need Heather's help in trying to solve this issue.   We made an appointment for her to visit with us in our home so she could observe our cats and their environment.  Heather is very friendly and personable and asked lots of great questions about the cats.  My kids and I thoroughly our visit with her.  When we showed her our cat's litter boxes (which at the time were automatic) she asked how long they hang out in the litter box after they use it.   When we told her that they quickly hop out after using the box, it became clear to Heather that the cats didn't like the boxes at all and were actively avoiding them.   Heather suggested that we purchase 3 large plastic storage boxes (for two cats) and fill them with a natural clumping litter.  The next day we followed her recommendation and the cats were immediately taken with the new boxes. Not only did they go to the bathroom in them immediately, but they also played and scratched around in them as well.   We have not had an incident with them using the bathroom outside their litter boxes since!  


In addition to Heather solving our main challenge with the cats we also asked her about best practices regarding food and enrichment activities.  We had suspected for some time that we weren't doing enough for the cats in terms of playing with them and providing them with an appropriate amount of stimulation.  Heather brought along some great toys which our cats enjoyed and gave us lots of great suggestions on how to create a better environment for them.   Since our appointment, we have made lots of changes and we are so grateful for Heather's advice.  We truly believe our cats are much happier and in turn, so are we.  It's a win-win for everybody! 


The Tanakas -Plymouth

Heather has many happy customers. Cat behavior cab be fun and easy to solve with a certified cat trainer like Heather
A certified cat behavior specialist, Heather Alvey can help

Dave and I wanted to thank you for all of your help with Otis (and Frankie). Your notes have been a lifesaver and have made both of the cats so much happier! We are very grateful for the advice and a changed kitty. 


Rachel, Dave, Otis, & Frank - St Paul

"Heather was extraordinarily sensitive, professional, and--most important--helpful when it came to addressing my cat's behavioral issues, which not surprisingly reflected many of *mine.* The techniques she taught me have helped both my cat and me enormously, and I would recommend her services without hesitation."—Jim B, St Paul

"My 4 year old cat, Sapphire, was a very stressed out cat ever since she was a kitten. We have been dealing with her inappropriate urinating and spraying for years, trying different things we found online to clean it and try to stop her with no luck. We were getting new carpet in the house and didn't want her urinating on it. That's when I found Felidae Behavior online and talked to Heather about what has been going on. She came out to our house and discussed with us about Sapphire's behavior and gave us a ton of tips on what we could do. Since getting new carpet and implementing Heather's advice, we have not had any problems with inappropriate marking/urinating. And she is even getting more brave about being around the dog and is no longer hiding when he is in the house. I highly recommend Felidae Behavior and I will definitely be contacting her again when it comes to any other issues we may run into in the future!" Tanya B, Rockford

"We were at our wit’s end, trying to prevent our cat Jaspurr from urinating In several areas outside his box. We worried that we might not be able to keep him. We contacted Heather and she responded quickly. She met with us for two hours and she put together a plan of action.   Her plan has made all the difference. Jaspurr is happier, more relaxed and is no longer urinating outside his box. We are so grateful we found Heather’s service!"

Jaspurr, now a happy cat.