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Introducing Heather!

Updated: Mar 18

For my first post, I thought I’d share with you a little more about my background and what I enjoy doing when I’m not working with cats and their people.

Growing up as an “army brat”, I lived all over the country. Literally! I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Alaska, North Dakota, and Minnesota. I may be missing a state or two, but you get the idea.

I went to college with the goal of becoming a pilot. I attended University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of North Dakota, and did a semester abroad in Helsinki, Finland.

And yes! I did become a pilot! I have a degree in Aeronautical studies from UND. While at UND I got my private pilot’s license, and then my commercial, instrument, and multi engine ratings. After I left college, I became a flight instructor. I taught for a while and really enjoyed it. When my students soloed for the first time or went on their first solo cross-country flights, I was a bit of a nervous wreck, but it was so rewarding to see them achieve these milestones!

While I was flight instructing, I also worked in operations for an airline and then two private jet companies from 1997-2003. That was a tough time for the aviation industry and I decided

that it wasn’t the right career path for me anymore.

That’s when I took a major turn and started my own cat sitting business, Purrsonal Cat Sitting. Cats had always played a significant part in my life and I felt a special connection with them. I had never thought of myself as the entrepreneurial type, but the passion I felt for taking care of cats and providing people peace of mind when they traveled, fueled my

determination to succeed.

Fourteen years after starting Purrsonal Cat Sitting (and working seven days a week), I earned a certification as a cat behavior consultant and started Felidae Behavior Consulting. For four

years, through a cancer diagnosis and the pandemic, I ran both businesses. In 2022, I made the decision to close Purrsonal Cat Sitting in order to focus solely on Felidae Behavior Consulting. While I miss spending time with a lot of my regulars, I find great satisfaction in helping people address their cat’s behavioral challenges.

I also love having days off! Free time at home is focused on caring for my two elderly cats, knitting, reading, or watching whatever new series that has me hooked.

Every chance I have, I like to be outside in nature. Whether I’m hiking, biking, or swimming in lakes, I find that spending time outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the ideal way for me to recharge.

The experiences of getting older and overcoming cancer have given me a new perspective. I am less afraid to try new things and more likely to say “yes” to new experiences. By changing

my outlook and no longer operating from a place of fear, I’ve connected with people I never would have met and have had so many amazing new experiences

It’s not lost on me that, even while I help people transform their cat’s behavior, I’m also working on transforming my own! As I continue to help people understand their cats and nurture healthier relationships, I’m reminded of the importance of embracing change, even (or especially) when it feels scary!

The obstacles I’ve overcome have taught me a lot about my own strength and have opened doors to making new connections and experiences. We’re all so much stronger than we think!


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